God’s Mandate for Biblical Education (Paperback)

God’s Mandate for Biblical Education (Paperback)


Education can only be understood from the perspective of worldviews. This 6×9-inch, 161-page paperback briefly examines the components of worldviews (particularly epistemology), and then presents the Biblical worldview of education.

Nine arguments (including the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ and covenant faithfulness) are powerfully presented, demonstrating that Biblically-consistent, comprehensive, Christian education is Biblically-mandated for all subjects of study, for all Christian children. This is followed by the six necessary components of Christian education, i.e., Biblically directed: teachers, content, goals, standard, method, and motivations. Foundational presuppositions for a Biblical philosophy of history, language, and science are taught. (Most people are surprised to learn that it is philosophically and logically impossible for science to ever arrive at absolute truth!) Many other questions are answered head-on, such as: Can education ever be religiously neutral? What is the Biblical role of the church and the state in the education of children? Is “classical” Christian education Biblical? (The answers may surprise you!) The differences between the Hebrew and Greek models of education are powerfully presented. In summary, this book does not deal with the well-documented evils in the public schools; neither is it based on the unbiblical philosophy of pragmatism; instead, it provides a hard-hitting ideology of truly Biblical education that is applicable in all cultures, forcing Christians to re-think most contemporary practices. Powerful quotes from Luther, A.A. Hodge, Machen, and many others are included. God’s Mandate for Biblical Education makes an excellent gift for pastors and church libraries.

Endorsed by: E. Ray Moore, Th.M.; Bruce N. Shortt, Ph.D., J.D.; Tom Rose; Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D.

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“A Christian worldview education in all areas of knowledge for children at the K–12 level must be part of a Church-wide strategy to maintain the identity of the Christian Church in the next several decades. Robert Fugate argues soundly for just such in God’s Mandate for Biblical Education. Well-researched and well-organized, God’s Mandate, develops the critical arguments for K–12 Christian education and home schooling, based primarily on a Scriptural foundation. This foundation, the forte of Fugate’s work, presents a strong biblical basis for K–12 education as only antidote for the plethora of current, secular-education fads, such as “Common Core.” God’s Mandate urges Christians to appreciate the biblical basis as the paramount anchor for their educational practice. Additionally, Fugate maintains that part of the Christian family’s walk of faith and obedience to Christ consists in the Christian education and discipling of our children. 

Sadly, over 80% of the children of evangelical Christians still attend K–12 government-funded public schools. Serious growth of K–12 Christian education and home schooling, therefore, can not materialize unless we create a culture in all our churches that considers K–12 Christian education part of “thus saith the Lord.” Fugate asserts that Christian education is not a choice but a command from the Lord. Although many Christian families are doing the right thing with their children, they need their biblical convictions bolstered and reinforced. God’s Mandate could be a helpful study guide for Christian families in home-school support groups or Sunday school classes, or for pastors, too many of whom lack any theology of Christian education. He cites many leading scholars and theologians, such as J. Gresham Machen, A. A. Hodge, Gordon Clark, R. J. Rushdoony, Francis Schaeffer and Cornelius Van Til. His careful use of their works supports his overall argument and added a special blessing to the book. Reading Machen’s speech from 1933 on the “Necessity of the Christian School” in this context offered me an epiphany, although I have read it several times before. I don’t know another book that has such a wealth of quotes and sources in a handy format. I heartily recommend this book and plan to continue promoting it. It deserves widespread circulation.” — E. Ray Moore, Th.M.: Chaplain (Lt. Colonel) USAR Ret., President, Frontline Ministries, www.ExodusMandate.org


“The decline of Christian culture over the last 150 years is inextricably intertwined with the failure of Christian families to provide their children with a Christian education. That failure has been largely the result of poor teaching and failed leadership within the church and para-church organizations. Today, relatively few pastors or other Christian leaders even know or understand what the Bible has to say about education. So, it is not surprising that pastors and others in leadership positions effectively embrace the heresy of educational antinomianism: ‘Government school, Christian school, homeschool—whichever parents do is fine.’ The only antidote for educational antinomianism is to reach Christians, and especially Christian leaders, with a clear exposition of what the Bible says about the education of our children and why providing a Christian education is important. Dr. Robert Fugate’s God’s Mandate for Biblical Education provides a clear, comprehensive, and succinct discussion of the Bible’s teaching on this critical subject. In fact, I have read no better treatment of this topic and believe that Dr. Fugate’s book is especially well suited for the important work of introducing pastors and other Christian leaders to orthodox teaching on the question of how we are to educate our children. I hope this book is widely read by parents and other laymen, but I also hope that this book will be widely read by Christian leaders.”

— Bruce N. Shortt, Ph.D., J.D.: attorney, author of The Harsh Truth about Public Schools


“Robert Fugate has written a very valuable tool for educating coming generations about the evil and anti-biblical system of government schools, and about the liberty-inspiring system of biblical education in which parents are in control. I would recommend every married couple to give a wedding gift of his books, God’s Mandate for Biblical Education and Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government, to children when they marry! Doing so would serve to build a firm foundation for restoring freedom and self-responsibility before God in our troubled nation!” — Tom Rose: President, American Enterprise Publications; economics professor; author

“According to recent studies, more than 80% of Christian youth are leaving the church by their sophomore year of college. And it is no wonder! Their parents have been sending them to pagan government schools to be intensively trained by the priests of the Messianic State five days a week from the time these children were six years old. It would be surprising if they did not follow in the footsteps of their teachers. But even those who stay in the church do not have a consistent Christian worldview. They have never been taught how to think Biblically about math, science, history, logic, time, stewardship or a host of other topics. Many argue that we must send our children into the schools as missionaries. But Jesus is quite clear, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40). It is not the teachers who are being discipled by the students, but vice versa. It is not the teachers who will become like the students, but vice versa. It is high time that Christians repented of walking in the counsel of the ungodly (Psalm 1:1), and began treating Christian education as being at the heart of the covenant (Deut. 6:4–9). I highly recommend Robert Fugate’s book, God’s Mandate for Biblical Education. Unless its radical recommendations are followed, America will be lost in a sea of paganism, like Europe was.” — Dr. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D.: pastor; professor; conference teacher

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