Lord of the Nations provides researched articles and books defending and upholding the Christian worldview.

Dr. Robert Fugate, our founder, has written over twenty books and booklets that have been used by pastors and church leaders in over sixty countries.

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Robert Fugate is an author, pastor, and theological mentor. He earned a Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual Studies and a M.Div., both from Whitefield Theological Seminary.

Dr. Fugate’s Writings

His writings include: The Bible: God’s Words to You; The Foundation and Pillars of the Biblical Worldview; Psycho-Heresy: Christianizing Pagan Psychologies; Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government; God’s Mandate for Biblical Education; Biblical Patriarchy; Toward a Theology of Taxation; God’s Royal Law: Foundation of Moral Order; A Biblical Philosophy of Truth with Contemporary Applications; Biblical Curses: Divine and Demonic; A Brief History and Critique of Natural Law Theory; and Biblical Imprecations: Christians’ Secret Weapon (among others). Dr. Fugate co-authored the position paper “Sanctity of Human Life” for the International Church Council Project/Coalition on Revival, as well as being a major contributor to their position papers “God’s Law for All Societies,” “Education of Christian Children,” and “The Biblical Perspective of Environmental Stewardship.”


Dr. Fugate mentors pastors, pastoral or missionary candidates, and young adults and in Biblical worldview, presuppositional apologetics and systematic theology.

Personal Life

Robert and Vonne have been married for 46 years and are blessed with four godly children (all of whom they home-schooled) and twelve grandchildren (and counting!).

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“There is a great need for a presuppositional approach to the subject of Bibliology, and Dr. Fugate’s work fills a major gap … well-researched, outstanding.”

Dr. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D.

Pastor, Professor, Missionary