The Foundation and Pillars of the Biblical Worldview (Paperback)

The Foundation and Pillars of the Biblical Worldview (Paperback)


This 6×9-inch, 552-page paperback offers an in-depth analysis of the Biblical worldview. The first section explains what a worldview is, emphasizing epistemology, demonstrating that if one does not begin with God’s Word, he cannot justify any knowledge about anything. The second section lays the foundation for the Biblical worldview: The Bible is the criterion or standard of truth. Here the doctrines of revelation (including the insufficiency of general revelation), the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture, and the seven Reformational properties of Scripture are analyzed. The largest section succinctly explains the eight pillars or key doctrines that uphold a Biblical worldview: the uniqueness of the Biblical God; creation; Reformed theology; the hermeneutical framework of covenant theology, which teaches a unified message throughout the entire Bible; presuppositionalism (including the Biblical doctrines of antithesis and the myth of epistemological, religious and ethical neutrality); rationality and logic; the sufficiency of Scripture (sola Scriptura); and a victorious eschatology within history. Christians lacking any of these pillars do not have the requisite Biblical materials with which to build a comprehensive Biblical worldview. The last section applies the Biblical worldview to seven areas of life: history; language; science; education; civil government; economics; and counseling—giving the crucial presuppositions required in each area to be able to think Biblically and to have the faith to impact culture. The Foundation and Pillars of the Biblical Worldview is a major contribution to the study of the Biblical worldview. It corrects much flawed thinking among Christians, empowering them to apply the Lordship of King Jesus to every area of life, obeying His command to disciple the nations.



(Regarding The Foundation and Pillars of the Biblical Worldview and Tyrants are Not Ministers of God)
Wonderful books…absolutely outstanding! Congratulations! These are books that are so much needed today

We would really like to stock these books in our bookshop and make them textbooks for William Carey Bible Institute and our Biblical Worldview Summits. 

God has blessed Dr. Fugate with such a Bible-based, Christ-centered, bold and relevant teaching style that gets to the heart of the matter and deals with vitally important foundational issuesstrategic writing and teaching ministry. — 

Rev. Peter Hammond, Ph.D.: Founder and President of Frontline Fellowship (African missions organization) 

Ideas have consequences. This is an absolute and undeniable fact. As a man thinks, so is he and so does he. Mankind cannot be neutral in the way he thinks and processes the world around him. Everyone holds to a network of assumptions or presuppositions about God, man, the cosmos, creation, life, death, ethics, law, science, history, biology, and every other aspect of human civilization. These assumptions comprise worldviews and everyone has one. A worldview is either Biblically accurate or it is not. Sadly, too many professing Christians adhere to a myriad of presuppositions, many of which do not square with the Word of God. It is for this reason why the culture is in the tail spin that it is. Dr. Fugate’s work on the “Foundation and Pillars” of what is means to have a Biblical World and Life view is the most comprehensive work to date and serves as a critical tool for the Christian community to reclaim what the secularists have stolen.  —

Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, pastor, founder and dean of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, and CEO of the Institute for Theonomic Reformation

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