This 6×9-inch, 101-page paperback begins with an exegetical-theological examination of the subject of truth. The research gleaned is applied to both truth as an attribute of God and to God’s Word being truth. Untruth is examined in human depravity, in Satan and his demons, and in spiritual warfare. Various philosophical perversions of truth are discussed, e.g., modernist, postmodernist, and existentialist. The relationship between truth and liberty in a culture is examined, followed by a Biblical survey of pervasive untruth in times of national apostasy. Then these principles are applied, making applications to expose the rejection of truth in contemporary American culture, including: public image vs. reality; propaganda; fiat currency and fractional reserve banking; lies American Christians believe about the United States (sure to be controversial!); etc. An appendix answers a question debated by theologians: Can intentional deception ever be righteous?