This 6×9-inch, 68-page paperback begins by explaining the difference between rationality and rationalism. The book then immediately gets to the heart of the matter, examining the theme of rationality and logic with regard to three foundational areas: God’s thinking, God’s Word, and man as the image of God. In this endeavor various questions are answered, such as, Does God think logically or is God’s thinking trans-rational? and How does the logical law of non-contradiction relate to the Bible? Many people think that a person’s ethics is unrelated to correct reasoning. But, is this what the Bible teaches? Does correct reasoning relate to our obedience to God? Does the rejection of logic lead to the abandonment of morality? The next section traces the theme of rationality and logic in the realms of philosophy, world religions, and theology. Questions answered include: Which philosophies and religions promote irrationality? What are some examples of bad theology promoting irrationality? Several powerful apologetical questions to ask New Agers and other adherents of irrational religions are included. The last section applies what has been learned to three miscellaneous topics: Can divine miracles be both special revelation and non-propositional? Is Biblical speaking in tongues irrational? and Was Gordon Clark right that Cornelius Van Til promoted irrationalism?