This 54-page booklet presents a Biblical analysis and critique of two crucial intellectual movements that have successively dominated much thinking in the Western world, from the 17th century to the present. The booklet begins by defining modernism and postmodernism and briefly tracing their historical and philosophical roots to the Renaissance and especially to the Enlightenment. The key beliefs of modernism and postmodernism are clearly and succinctly summarized. Adopting these key beliefs has had a massive, devastating impact on orthodox Christian theology, on Biblical hermeneutics, and on the entire Western culture. The fundamental points of disagreement between Biblical theism, modernism, and postmodernism are explained. The correlation between postmodernism and Emergent churches is also noted. A powerful, presuppositional rebuttal of modernism and postmodernism demonstrates that neither of them has a coherent worldview that can provide a foundation for knowledge and ethics. After ravaging postmodernism, the Biblical theology of language is taught. A bibliography is included.