Volume 3

Volume 3 begins with a heartfelt call to repent: (1) to cessationists for disobeying Apostolic commands of Scripture, for Scripture twisting, and for exalting tradition over Scripture; and (2) to those Pentecostals-charismatics whose theology and/or practice is not governed by Scripture (including detailed analyses of Oneness Pentecostals, Word of Faith, and New Apostolic Reformation). The rest of this volume contains 30 specialized studies, such as: theology of miracles; “filled with the Spirit” and “full of the Spirit” in Luke-Acts; Apostles; canonicity of Mark 16:9–20; harmonizing 1 Cor 11:5 with 14:34; non-canonical prophecies in the Biblical period; prophesying and prophetic revelations in the church fathers; prophesying and miracles of the Scottish Covenanters; “last days” in the New Testament; Jewish intertestamental prophecies; Montanism; and 19 others.