This 6×9-inch, 77-page paperback unveils the mysterious subject of Biblical curses in a breath not previously seen. Since this subject is foreign to most Western Christians, considerable scholarly documentation is marshalled to elaborate on Scripture passages.

The book analyzes both God-empowered curses and demon-empowered curses. Which people did God curse and for what offenses? Were the covenant curses of God’s law only applicable for Biblical Israel, or do they also apply to Gentile nations? Biblical examples of righteous men pronouncing divinely-empowered, prophetic curses against covenant breakers are examined.

Are Christians always protected from all evil curses, or can the righteous suffer from curses pronounced by the wicked? Does God’s protection always happen automatically, or do believers have an active role to play in directly resisting curses spoken against them, their family, and their church? Can curses be inadvertently spoken against one’s self, one’s family, others?