Brief History and Critique of Natural Law Theory (Booklet)

Brief History and Critique of Natural Law Theory (Booklet)


What is “natural law” and why is it so ambiguous? Is nature normative? Where does the Bible command people to govern their societies by natural law? Why is it always necessary to interpret general revelation by the Bible? Should politically active Protestants adopt Roman Catholic natural theology? Is natural law theory logical? Is natural law practical? What are six consequences of basing civil laws on natural law? This 44-page booklet contains a bibliography.



“Your booklet on the defense of Bible law against the errors of natural law is the best that has ever been written on that subject. We are all very grateful for your writing and for your continuing influence.” —

Pastor Gary Huffman

[Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond told me that Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Morecraft III considered this booklet to be the finest refutation of natural law there is.]

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