Principios Claves del Gobierno Civil Bíblico (Paperback)

Principios Claves del Gobierno Civil Bíblico (Paperback)


“Una gran cantidad de material instructivo y práctico… les provee a los ciudadanos y magistrados cristianos un manual práctico de referencia que les equipará para servir y glorificar a Dios en la esfera civil.”

“Una piedra preciosa… una perspectiva completa basada en las Escrituras sobre el gobierno civil… Abundantes pasajes de la Escritura, hace necesario que el lector crítico examine la Biblia en sí en lugar de los argumentos del autor”.

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Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government is a desperately needed book for serious, thinking Christians at this point in history. Without these basic, biblical principles of law and government, we cannot win the war spiritually, politically or culturally in any country. I heartily endorse this book and hope it will be read, taught and applied by Christian leaders from all parts of the Body of Christ.” — Dr. Jay Grimstead: Founder and Director, Coalition on Revival and the International Church Council Project

Robert, “Your book ought to be placed in the hands of every legislator—Federal, state, and local—and eventually every pastor and church elder. The Biblical lessons you review and articulate are important to us all.” — Hon. Howard Phillips: Chairman, Conservative Caucus; Founder and presidential candidate for U.S. Taxpayers Party

“My friend Robert Fugate’s Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government is a major contribution to Christian thought. Above all, he challenges us to take Biblical law seriously and to evaluate laws and legal concepts from the basic standpoint, ‘What saith the Scriptures?’ He very effectively reminds us that when we try to divorce God and His Word from law and government, we are left with the tyranny of sinful men. I am especially intrigued with his insight that God’s Law requires simple restitution for most thefts, but multiple restitution for theft of income-producing property.” — Colonel John Eidsmoe, J.D., D.Min., M.Div.: attorney; author; professor

“Rev. Fugate has provided a wonderful introduction to the subject of Biblical civil government. It is clear, concise and carefully written. I plan to make this required reading for my students. If every Christian would understand and believe these basic principles of Biblical worldview, it would make a powerful and a positive impact upon any nation.” — Dr. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D.: pastor; professor; conference speaker

“Having been on the leadership committee of the Theological Summit Conference, having taught at Berkley, having headed up the TV Center at City University of New York, I am deeply impressed at the clarity, utility and importance of Robert Fugate’s little book Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government. It is extremely comprehensive, very pertinent to our contemporary situation, and should be read by everyone whether Christian or Non-Christian. In fact, everyone should keep a copy with them to consult regularly. Even if Mr. Fugate expands this book, I would still urge people to read the book itself for its clear presentation of Biblical principles touching on every area of life.” — Dr. Ted Baehr, J.D.: chairman, Christian film & television commission; publisher of MovieGuide®; producer; director; syndicated columnist

 “I found Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government to be an excellent piece of work. What Robert Fugate has to say fully expounds the biblical principles of civil government which, if put faithfully into practice, will certainly produce the high-quality of political/economic environment that the Apostle Paul writes of in 1 Timothy 2:1–2. My hope is that this textbook will be widely accepted and used throughout the world—if so, this sinful world will become a much better place to live.”— Tom Rose: President, American Enterprise Publications; economics professor; author

“In our 20 years of providing biblical worldview testing among youth, the greatest weakness we find is in understanding the biblical philosophy of civil government. It is for this reason that we see an ever-growing entitlement mentality in our nation. Robert Fugate’s Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government provides a very readable and very helpful writing on this matter. Every Christian home should have a copy.” — Dan Smithwick: President, Nehemiah Institute

“Robert Fugate’s Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government is a well-organized and straightforward introduction to the subject it treats. There is a great amount of instructional and practical material contained in it. It is especially gratifying to see Mr. Fugate’s uncompromising advocacy of biblical law as the supreme standard for civil law and civil government. This book provides Christian citizens and magistrates with a handy reference manual that will equip them to serve and glorify God in the civil sphere.” — Rev. William O. Einwechter: vice-president, National Reform Association; editor, The Christian Statesman; pastor; author

“Robert Fugate’s Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government is a gem. It provides a thoroughly Scriptural perspective on civil government in terms of man’s responsibility to obey the law-word of God in the civic sphere, and does so in the most clear and concise manner. The succinct presentation, together with abundant Scripture passages, necessitates the critical reader to examine the Bible itself rather than the author’s arguments. This would be a tremendous book to add to any Christian high school civics curriculum, yet would also be very useful in an adult Bible study. It represents a small treasure of information in its 89 pages. Read it!” — Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony: President Chalcedon Foundation and Ross House Books

“Probably the single best book on the subject. It’s concise, but well documented and well thought-out.” — Dr. James Garwood, Ph.D.: pastor; author

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