The Person, Work, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit is a 3-volume treatise totaling over 1,500 pages. The emphasis is on the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit, with a detailed analysis of the cessationist debate. Extensive documentation is provided (over 3,700 footnotes), using the finest exegetical, Biblical theology, and historical sources. Exegetical options are evaluated for many key passages.

Volume 1

Volume 1 includes: the Personhood and Deity of the Holy Spirit; the role of the Holy Spirit in creation, providence, and the earthly life of Jesus; the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and in the church; being baptized in the Holy Spirit; 18 gifts of the Spirit and 6 ministry gifts; how to recognize, receive, and steward the Spirit’s gifts; 6 sins against the Holy Spirit; and eschatology and the Spirit. This is followed by an extensive study of the gift of prophecy—including 7 types of prophesying in the Old Testament and 11 purposes of the gift of prophecy in the New Testament. Whether you are a believer wanting to learn more about the gifts, a pastor needing teaching resources, or a seminarian, this book is for you.