Toward a Theology of Taxation (Paperback)

Toward a Theology of Taxation (Paperback)


This 116-page paperback pioneers the application of God’s infallible and sufficient Word to the area of taxation. Many areas are explored: What types of taxes are mentioned in Scripture? Does God disapprove of some types of tax? What tax did God institute in Old Testament Israel? What does the prophet Samuel’s warning against a centralized civil government teach about increased taxation? Is the modern concept of taxation as the vehicle for socialistic revolution really Biblical? In what ways does “Pay to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” limit the civil government? Is a tax revolt Biblical?

Endorsed by: Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D.; appendix printed in Faith for All of Life.




It’s the only book of its kind that I know of. Dr. Fugate’s book digs deep into almost every angle of what the Bible allowed and didn’t allow with respect to taxation. It is time that Christians returned to the concept of head tax. If citizens as a whole demanded it, it would return many liberties to citizens and pare down government to Biblical size (which is very small). —

Dr. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D.: pastor; professor; conference teacher

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